2020 was a year of preparation! The fields were cleaned, our deer fence went up, and irrigation went down! We amended the soils and built the berms for our blueberries.
2021 was the year of planting! In March, we successfully planted 6,000 blueberry bushes! These will take a few years to establish before we are ready to harvest our first crop... look forward to fresh blueberries in summer 2023
In September, we planted our first strawberry patch... 50,000 plants spanning 3.5  acres are now in the ground and thriving.  

We are continuing to work on plans for our future plantings and expansions of the farm!  

EARLY MAY 2022, the gates will open to the public for our first u-pick strawberry season!
This will serve as our "soft opening" of the farm, as we will close once the strawberry season ends, mid-June. 

Please visit our FAQ 2022 page for pricing and other u-pick details!  

We have many fun things in the works over the coming years and look forward to growing and offering something new each season.

We can not wait to welcome you all to experience Missouri Berries at The Rogers Family Farm! 

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